New Morning Star, Vermont Avenue, Mount Carmel,Mount Moriah, and Missionary New Birth Baptist Church

Joy in Jesus Vacation Bible School !

Welcome to the JOY IN JESUS Experience ! This year, we are taking Vacation Bible School to new heights with it being 6 Churches participating, 2 weeks of fun and learning, 2 locations with exciting things to do and explore , but making it one BIG experience ! Our first week of exciting learning will be held at the Mount Carmel Baptist Church and the second week will be held at the Mount Moriah Baptist Church. Classes for adults and children will begin at 6:30-8:00 pm nightly Monday through Friday. These six Churches have been diligently collaborating to make this a wonderful time for kids and adults alike ! Come out and join us while we find, learn and love our "Joy in Jesus" !

Serving Nursery through 12th grade

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Gwendolyn Sadler
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