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    • Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018 24/7 Jesus Makes a Way Decorating Mural

      Low on budget, creativity, and/or volunteers? Or just need an extra 'something' to make your 24/7 set look epic? Abingdon VBS has the solution!

      The 24/7 Decorating Mural is quick and easy to assemble and provides an instant WOW! With two tiles that hang side by side, it’s the ideal backdrop for Assembly Time, music areas, recreation areas, and so much more. You’ll be ready in minutes for the 24/7 VBS activities. 36" x 72" to tile 72" x 72".

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      ISBN: 9781501861451
      Price: $29.99
    • Vacation Bible School (VBS) 2018 24/7 Starter Kit

      The 24/7: Jesus Makes a Way Every Day Starter Kit has everything needed to get your VBS started! The lessons are based on stories Jesus told of how God provides every hour of every day so that we might have life and live it to the fullest! Children, youth, and adults will have fun discovering that abundant life is based on a strong faith foundation, sharing in community, seeking justice, persistent prayer, and the forgiveness and love of Jesus Christ.
      With 24/7 participants will:
      • Hear that God's Word provides a firm foundation for everyday life!
      • Experience God's abundant life through community sharing and fun!
      • Be introduced to people who inspire abundant living!
      • Come to believe that God's forgiveness is just what they need!

      Students will understand the overall Scripture, "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly."  —John 10:10, NRSV

      The 24/7! Starter Kit contains:

      • Worship DVD, including an introduction video, music videos, and movement instructionals and demonstrations
      • Leader Books: Director's Manual; Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger & Older Elementary Bible Story Leaders; Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, Heritage/Drama Leader, Recipe Guide, and Outreach/Follow-up Leader
      • Student Book Samples: Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3-5), Younger Elementary (Grades 1-3), Older Elementary (Grades 4-6), and Teen
      • Reproducible Parent Empowerment Pages
      • Music CD
      • Sunday School Guide
      You will also find a sample of each of the exciting publicity materials:
      • Activity Sticker Sheet
      • Promo Poster
      • Invitation Postcard
      • Leader Certificate
      • Student Certificate
      • Iron-On Transfer
      • Nametag
      • Nametag holder
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      ISBN: 9781501850622
      Price: $84.99
    • Adult Leader with Music CD

      An essential teaching resource for adult leaders. Includes the embedded student book, leader meditations, Bible background, cultural/heritage background, suggestions for class discussions, suggested outreach projects, and a focus on contemporary culture. The CD contains newly recorded versions of traditional songs as well as contemporary songs for the whole community. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851797
      Price: $19.99
    • Adult Student Handbook

      Contains prayers, Scripture lessons, discussion questions, heritage and cultural information that will help adults engage in the 24/7 experience. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851803
      Price: $6.99
    • Arts & Crafts Leader

      The Arts & Crafts Leader book allows leaders to instruct children in hands-on activities that will connect Bible lessons with contemporary themes. Activities utilize easy-to-find, inexpensive materials and craft kits. Leader book includes supply lists, easy-to-follow directions, helpful photographs and templates. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850677
      Price: $7.99
    • Director's Manual

      A must-have for the VBS director! 

      Contains pages of information, inspiration, and instruction, including:

      1. Articles for historical/cultural context
      2. Meditations for spiritual context
      3. Testimonies for experiential context
      4. Step-by-step how-to-do-it logistics
      5. Schedule suggestions
      6. Charts
      7. Design options
      8. Resource and supply lists
      9. Registration and evaluation forms
      10. Information for including children with certain physical or learning challenges
      11. Worship Scripts
      12. Director's Overviews, which connect all session activities


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      ISBN: 9781501850639
      Price: $14.99
    • Heritage/Drama/Games Leader

      The Heritage/Drama Leader helps connect Bible and cultural learning through story, games, skits, team-building and other fun activities. Includes leader meditations, Bible background, easy-to-follow directions, supply lists, age-level and intergenerational activities, and an intergenerational community project. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850684
      Price: $7.99
    • Music & Movement Leader

      An essential teaching resource, containing songs, music games and activities, step-by-step movement instructions and charts, sheet music and lyrics. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850691
      Price: $9.99
    • Older Elementary Bible Leader (Grades 4-6)

      An essential teaching resource for leaders with students, grades 4-6. Includes leader meditations, Bible background, cultural/heritage background, age-level tips, supply lists, suggestions for classroom organization, easy-to-follow directions and Scripture excerpts from the CEB, NRSV, NIV, and NKJV. Interactive lesson plans will engage students. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850660
      Price: $7.99
    • Parent Empowerment Pages

      Use this resource to help parents and guardians understand their role as the primary educators of values for their children. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850707
      Price: $2.99
    • Preschool/Kindergarten Bible Leader (Ages 3-5)

      An essential teaching resource for leaders with students ages 3-5. Includes leader meditations, Bible background, age-level characteristics, lists of supplies, suggestions for classroom organization, easy-to-follow directions, and Scripture excerpts from the CEB, NRSV, NIV, and KJV. Interactive lesson plans include call and response, movement, and use of imagination. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850646
      Price: $7.99
    • Recipe Guide

      Contains recipes and menus that reflect biblical and/or heritage connections. Healthful snacks are also included. Contains background material, detailed instructions, lists for ingredients and other suggestions. 12 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850721
      Price: $2.99
    • Teen Bible Leader with Music CD

      Includes the embedded Teen Student Book with Bible background, cultural/heritage background, leader meditations, lesson material, helpful instructions, suggestions and helps for classroom organization. Music is integral to the teen program so the 24/7 Music CD is included in this leader book. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851773
      Price: $19.99
    • Younger Elementary Bible Leader (Grades 1-3)

      An essential teaching resource for leaders with students, grades 1-3. Includes leader meditations, Bible background, cultural/heritage background, age-level characteristics, supply lists, suggestions for classroom organization, easy-to-follow directions, age-appropriate interactive lesson plans, and Scripture excerpts from the CEB, NRSV, NIV, and NKJV. 32 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850653
      Price: $7.99
    • Everyday Waymakers DVD

      Everyday Waymakers: Inspired Lives, Inspired Life! is a great way to introduce kids and adults to the Waymaker Personalities that are featured in 24/7 VBS. This DVD includes seven short biographical segments (2-3 minutes each) complete with film footage, illustrations, and interesting facts about each person.

      Waymakers include Carter G. Woodson, Constance Baker Motley, Clementa C. Pinckney, James Weldon Johnson, Madam C.J. Walker, Rudy & Juanita Rasmas, Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan.

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      ISBN: 9781501861482
      Price: $24.99
    • Music CD

      On the 24/7 Music CD, contemporary hip-hop music and new versions of traditional songs bring generations together with new music from Christian hip-hop artist Ricky B. (Frederick Burchell), and new music and arrangements by Roderick Vester.

      CD contains all Music, Accompaniment Tracks, and Learning Tracks.

      24/7 Song-List
      1. Twenty Four Seven 
      2. Hold to God's Unchanging Hand
      3. Take Time to be Holy
      4. Justice
      5. For Anything, For Everything
      6. Just Like You
      7. Are You Ready?
      8. Be Still, God Will Fight Your Battle
      9. I Got Shoes
      10. A Sign of Love show less
      ISBN: 9781501850745
      Price: $14.99
    • Worship DVD

      Features an introductory video, music videos that reflect biblical and contemporary themes, and movement instructionals and demonstrations! show less
      ISBN: 9781501850868
      Price: $24.99
    • Activity Stickers Sheets (Pkg of 12)

      Preschool/Kindergarten and Younger Elementary children will enjoy using these colorful teaching stickers in their student handbooks. Limited supply, order early! show less
      ISBN: 9781501851889
      Price: $6.99
    • Decorating/Publicity Poster Pak

      Add colorful visuals from the 24/7 lessons to the walls of your church before, during, and after your Vacation Bible School! This pack contains 11 posters with eye-popping photography and artwork! show less
      ISBN: 9781501851865
      Price: $15.99
    • Iron-On Transfers (Pkg of 12)

      Iron this patch onto tote bags, hats, T-shirts and other surfaces to promote your 24/7 VBS or identify leaders or participants during field trips. Two sheets with six iron-ons per page. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851858
      Price: $10.99
    • Outdoor Banner

      A colorful 22" x 34" outdoor banner helps your church promote 24/7 VBS to the community. Four grommets allow for easy displaying. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851872
      Price: $29.99
    • Promo Poster

      Place this poster in your church or community to remind people of the times and dates of your 24/7 VBS 2018!  22" x 34" show less
      ISBN: 9781501851827
      Price: $3.99
    • Student Certificates (Pkg of 24)

      Reward students by recognizing their participation with a beautifully designed certificate. (Pkg. of 25) show less
      ISBN: 9781501851841
      Price: $4.99
    • Sunday School Guide

      This 12-page reproducible book will help guide your congregation in using 24/7 for Sunday school classes, after-school programs, Sunday night programs, and more. It is designed to be used for five individual sessions. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850714
      Price: $2.99
    • Invitation Postcards (Pkg of 24)

      Colorful logo postcard invites friends and neighbors to join your church’s 24/7 Vacation Bible School. Includes space for name, address, date, and time. (Pkg of 25) show less
      ISBN: 9781501851810
      Price: $4.99
    • Leader Certificates (Pkg of 12)

      These brightly colored certificates will let leaders and volunteers know their instrumental work is appreciated. Includes the 24/7 logo, Bible verse, and spaces for name, date, and signatures. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851834
      Price: $3.99
    • Nametags (Pkg of 24)

      Featuring the 24/7 theme, these VBS nametag cards can be easily fitted into the Nametag Holders. (Pkg of 24) show less
      ISBN: 9781501851896
      Price: $3.99
    • Outreach/Follow Up

      This resource will help leaders plan children and youth activities for the rest of the year with an emphasis on flexible, hands-on, interactive projects. Includes project instructions, supply lists, community service options, outreach ideas, and intergenerational fun, all based on 24/7 themes. 16 pages. show less
      ISBN: 9781501850738
      Price: $7.99
    • Dominoes (Pkg of 12)

      Create instant fun with the classic game of Dominoes! These can be used for crafts and for various activities for 24/7 VBS. Each 12-piece set includes 1 1/8" plastic dominoes in a colorful 4" vinyl case. show less
      ISBN: 9781501861468
      Price: $9.99
    • Older Elementary Student Handbook (Grades 4-6) (Pkg of 6)

      Students in grades 4-6 will enjoy the activities in this illustrated Bible activity handbook. With puzzles and fun exercises, it will increase their exposure to biblical and contemporary themes that use the memory verses. Includes Bible memory verses, hands-on activities, and much more! Use along with leader book. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851766
      Price: $16.99
    • Preschool/Kindergarten Student Handbook (Ages 3-5) (Pkg of 6)

      For children, ages 3-5, these fun, illustrated Bible activity handbooks increase exposure to biblical and contemporary themes. Includes Bible memory verses, Super Sayings, Super-Possibility People, hands-on activities, and much more! Use along with leader book. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851742
      Price: $16.99
    • Silicone Watch Bracelet (Pkg of 12)

      The perfect accessory for everyone at 24/7 VBS! Each brightly colored watch features a digital clock. Colors include yellow, pink, blue, purple, green, and orange. Batteries included. 7" show less
      ISBN: 9781501861475
      Price: $16.99
    • Teen Student Handbook

      Colorful student handbook with five lessons for grades 7-12. Includes Scripture, Bible lessons, discussion questions, illustrations, photographs, song lyrics, focus on current culture, interactive exercises, writing activities, ice-breakers, and more. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851780
      Price: $4.99
    • Younger Elementary Student Handbook (Grades 1-3) (Pkg of 6)

      These fun, illustrated Bible activity handbooks increase exposure to biblical and contemporary themes. Includes Bible memory verses, Super Sayings, Super-Possibility People, hands-on activities, and much more! Use along with leader book.  For children in grades 1-3. show less
      ISBN: 9781501851759
      Price: $16.99